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Nov 5 2008: From all of us, Happy Guy Fawkes Day.

Also, Doctor Squid is in Flagpole this week. Go us. While I'm at it, we're also in The Bradenton Herald, an accomplishment in no way diminished by the fact that we're there solely because I have family in their higher-ups.


Nov 3 2008: Howdy peoples. I have some exciting news to share. You can now purchase our CD online through CD Baby! So for all you geographically disadvantaged people that have been unable to attend any of our shows, just click the pretty link button below and get your squid on.

And if anybody who already has a copy wants to help us out, head over to the CD Baby page and write an album review. You can be as concise or as verbose as you like. As always, we appreciate the help.

Finally, a quick note about how to buy CDs if you've got the option. You can do as you please, and as long as you wind up with a copy we're happy, but if you've got a choice our preferred methods are buying it from us at a show or buying it in mp3 format online, just because it's less hassle and more profit for us. That said, if you're not in the Athens area and you really want that physical copy, feel free to order it, we're happy to send it your way.

Alright... Go!


Oct 30 2008: Sam and I would like to extend an invitation to all of you to join us in celebrating No Shave November, the most manly month-long holiday of them all. Girls, feel free to participate, but please wear long pants.


Oct 28 2008:

Doctor Squid Fan Poll - Should Sam be kicked out of the band?

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