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Oct 5 2008: Looks as though we made a boo boo getting albums printed. Namely, the track listing on the back has "The Things We've Chased" and "When You're In Town" swapped (The album page has the correct order). Just FYI for everyone who may or may not have noticed. Of course, we only printed like 60 of these, so you can just think of it as a collector's item.


Oct 4 2008: We'd like to thank everyone who came out last night to support us, we had a great time and hope you did too. Special thanks to Kim, Dur, Rebecca, Greer, Charles, Kenny, and of course Sara. As far as this site goes, I'm probably still building it as you read this, it'll be at full power very soon. I'm finishing up the mixes on the bonus downloads, should have those up by Sunday.

Also two quick words for everyone who bought a CD: Please share. We're pretty broke right now so we'd appreciate you not burning copies for all your friends, but if you wanna play it for people, send individual songs around, or just blast it really loud in your dorm/apartment, that's what they're there for, anything you can do to help us spread the love is greatly appreciated.


Edit: Bonus tracks should be good to go now. Claim 'em here and email me if they give you any trouble.

Oct 3 2008: So this is the new website. Cozy huh? Feel free to stream some tracks from our new album, download bonus tracks, friend us on our myspace, or email us any love/hate/booking/etc that you may have. We should have nifty stuff like photo albums and videos up here soon, so do come back sometime, our server is always open.


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