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Jan 10 2012: In today's installment of "Professionals saying that our music is good", we present The Powerpopaholic review of "Doctor Squid Changes the Channel"


Jan 3 2012: If you didn't hear on Facebook, the bonus tracks for "Doctor Squid Changes the Channel" are now available! Just go over to the Treasure page and input the code that came with your copy of the CD (you'll find it at the bottom of the liner notes). Enjoy!


Dec 16 2011: Did you miss Squidmas? If no, do you just miss Squidmas? Good news either way: we're proud to announce the release of the Squidmas Live Album!

Every year we put in a lot of effort trying to make Squidmas the best show it can be, and it always seems like such a shame that we only get to play these songs once a year (some of them only once *period*). This year we decided we were going to capture the magic.

The CD is all the best moments from our Squidmas 2010 and 2011 performances, compiled together into one continuous experience.

And the best part? In the holiday spirit of giving, we're releasing Squidmas Live as a "name your own price" album. You can listen to the whole thing from start to finish via Bandcamp, and download it for as much or as little as you like.

Merry Squidmas kids.


Dec 6 2011: Whew. Finally finished updating the site to accommodate the new album. Really should have had more foresight when I orignally designed this thing.

Big thanks to everyone who came out last night for Squidmas/The CD Release. It was a huge success, and much fun was (as best I could tell from all the dancing and cheering) had by all.

We recorded the show in hopes of putting out some kind of Squidmas Live CD. No promises since we haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but you can *tentatively* look forward to something along those lines.

And of course, the biggest news (in terms of what still matters the next day)... our new CD is out! You can download it now through iTunes, CD Baby, or Amazon MP3. Or if you need a hard copy and aren't in the Athens area, you should be able to order them online through CD Baby starting sometime next week. And after you've listened to it a few times, we'd love for you to leave a review on one of those purchase pages and tell us what you think.

In related news, there's a review of the new album in the Red & Black today, so check that out.

Lastly, we find it enjoyable (and classy) to release bonus tracks with our albums, and this album is no exception. If you look in the liner notes of your copy, you'll find instructions for how to get your bonus songs. Caveat: Being so busy with Squidmas preparations, I haven't actually finished them yet, so those instructions will not work at the moment. Hopefully I'll have those up for you all early next week.

That's all for now, folks. Now go buy that CD!


Dec 2 2011: Press time!

First up, Echoreyn of Athens is the first to review our new record. On top of that, a nice little article on Squidmas was in yesterday's Athens Banner Herald. Yep, we're pretty much famous.

Two practices this weekend in preparation for the show. Can't wait til Monday.


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