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Nov 28 2011: It's Monday, and that means its time for us to present (again, humbly) another new song from 'Doctor Squid Changes the Channel'.

Click here to download "Through Your Eyes".

Remember to come out on December 5th for Squidmas 2011 to pick up your copy of the new album!


Nov 23 2011: Behold... cover art!

Doctor Squid Changes the Channel cover art

Made by Jason Harwell, from a concept by Mike Thompson.

We really like it.


Nov 21 2011: As previously mentioned, we're releasing a new song every Monday until Squidmas, in the form of free mp3 downloads! This week we humbly present "Carry On" (a.k.a "Hoo Hoo"). Enjoy!

Click here to download "Carry On"!


Nov 14 2011: This is about the time we'd be releasing the single from our new album. We'd put it out for free, and you could all download it and get it stuck in your heads and become very excited for the album launch on December 5th.

Then we thought, why not just do that once a week from now until Squidmas?

So Squidfans, I humbly present the first of 3 singles to be released every Monday leading up to the big album release: Click here to download RockSolid for free!


Nov 11 2011: Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to officially announce...

The Combined Squidmas 2011 and Doctor Squid CD Release Mega-Show!

That's right. The two most exciting events in the history of the band have been rolled into one can't-miss celebration, Monday December 5th at the Melting Point.

By now, you all know what Squidmas is about: Holiday-themed rock and roll, festive dress code for everyone in attendance, lavish decorations, and more candy and sweets than you can shake a reindeer at (do not attempt). We'll be sweetening the deal even further by making it your first chance to get a copy of our long awaited (especially by us) new album, Doctor Squid Changes the Channel (stay tuned for the first single next week!).

Joining us in cephalopodic seasonal celebration are Squidmas 2010 veterans the Warm Fuzzies, and the ever evolving but always exceptional dudes of Groove Tangent.

In short, it's going to be the most epic evening in Doctor Squid history. Mark your calendars, check them twice, dig out your gaudiest holdiay sweaters and prepare yourselves... for Squidmas 2011.


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