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Oct 18 2011: You guys are in for a treat today! I've got a special sneak peak into the making an album: a breath-taking, emotional roller coaster "a capella" vocal take by our very own Sam Perren. I call it:

Sam suddenly becomes aware of how inane and ridiculous he must sound to an outside observer.


Oct 12 2011: Because I enjoy taunting you all with infuriatingly tiny morsels of information, here is the track list for our upcoming album. It is 1) Out of order and 2) Mostly made of placeholder names. But we never get a chance to publicly share our placeholder names, which is a shame because we put so little thought into them, so here goes:

Ballad (not that Ballad, sorry Dur)
Hoo Hoo
If You Do
Not Time
Rock Solid
Styles G
You Got It

The reason this track list is out of order is that we haven't 100% committed to an order yet, and the reason it's made of placeholder names is that we haven't committed to names either. So it goes. I'll post a proper track list soon, till then enjoy you're mostly-devoid-of-real-info teaser!


Sep 15 2011: Just a minor update today: Vocal recording was more than a little exhausting on us all (except Jason of course), but it went well, we got we needed, and I've started mixing the vocals into our tracks. They sound fantastic and the new songs are really coming alive. We're in the final stretch now, and it feels good.

We've been getting some questions along the lines of "So are you guys ever going to play another show, or what?".

The answer is "Yes!". And we'd like to start playing again soon. But putting a gig together takes some work, and we don't have the time to pursue it right now. We'll happily consider any show offers we get that someone else is putting together though, so if you're a cool band looking to play with other cool bands... drop us a line.

Regardless of what happens with that though, we'd like to ease your mind by guaranteeing that we will have at least 2 more shows in 2011. One of them is the CD Release. The other you should all be able to guess by now.


Aug 23 2011: So, while you're anxiously awaiting our CD drop...

I thought I'd take the chance to highlight some talented friends of ours who have released some great music recently. Sound good? Good.

Firstly, Jerod McBrayer (long time friend, veteran of Squidmas '08, and producer of the Squidlist-only EP we put out last year) recently released a very solid EP as Worth Taking. Comprised of 5 great songs and 0 filler, its got a great sound and definitely marks a new high point for the band. Check it out on iTunes like now.

Secondly, our longtime favorite Athens band The Warm Fuzzies have been turning out a new piece of catchy, energetic, all-around awesome music once a month since January. It's called Fuzz of the Month, and it's all available for pay-what-you-want through Bandcamp. We especially like Flux Capacitor, Seventeen, and Rhythmic Ceremonial Ritual.

And finally, ex-Division By Zero member and dear friend Ben Yarling has just released an album with See London, See France. It's a wonderful record of characteristically moving lyrics, some lovely male-female harmonies, lots of steel drum (trust me, this is a good thing), and all around great songwriting. And for some reason, you can download it free. Needless to say, we recommend you do so.

That's the update! Enjoy the aforementioned music, and stay tuned for more Squid news as it comes in.


Aug 8 2011: No real update, but wanted to let it be known that we're still working hard finishing up the album. Everything is recorded but vocals, and we're most of the way through mixing in the drums.

...aaaand maybe we haven't finished all the lyrics yet, but I'm assured that there's a determined effort being made and we'll have wonderful lyrics on the remaining songs very soon.


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